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About Me

Hello! I am currently building Variational Research, an algorithmic market maker. I was previously VP of Engineering at Genesis Trading, an institutional liquidity provider, after I founded and sold Qu Capital, a quantitative hedge fund. Prior to Qu, I was an Egleston Scholar at Columbia University studying Computer Science. My background includes experience at Google X (robotics), Goldman Sachs (strats), the Columbia University Robotics Group, the Columbia Computer Graphics Group, the Columbia Bionet Lab, and Wolfram Research.





  • Consulting Software Engineer | Synappsys Digital Services (2011–2012)
    Worked on proprietary code for generation and manipulation of laser scanned 3D meshes
  • Consulting Frontend Engineer | Sole Proprietor (2010–2014)
    Web development services for local businesses




Projects & Open Source

  • Real-Time Position-Based Fluid Simulation (2021)
    Experiments with Rust PBD fluid simulation targeting both native binary and WebAssembly. Works with modern browsers
  • Real-Time In-Browser Fluid Simulation with WebAssembly and WebGL2 (2021)
    Experiments with Rust SPH simulation including a WebAssembly thread parallel solver rendering to an HTML canvas context. Works with modern browsers
  • Parallel PCISPH and Müller SPH (2021)
    Experiments with porting fluid simulations to Rust. Concise, idiomatic implementations with added parallel solvers
  • Real-Time Raytracing of Black Holes in Interactive VR (2017, 2020)
    Awarded engineering project grant to develop a raytraced approximation of the visual phenomena of black holes in real-time virtual reality
  • RL Grasping | CS6731 Final Project (2019)
    Deep deterministic policy gradients and hindsight experience replay seeded with demonstrations applied to grasping problems for FetchIt! at ICRA 2019
  • Cellular Automata in LISP | CS3101 Final Project (2017)
    Elegant implementation of cellular automata simulation in LISP. Supports elementary cellular automata and Conway's "Game of Life"
  • Spectral Energy Visualization (2016)
    Experiments with FFT-based audio spectral energy visualization towards onset detection. Works with modern browsers
  • Incompressible SPH | CS4167 Final Project (2015)
    Experiments with predictive-corrective integration methods applied to enforcing the incompressibility of SPH simulations
  • Quadcopter Research Platform (2015–2016)
    Awarded engineering project grant to create extensible low-cost platform for autopilot control system research
  • Laminar Dynamics | Columbia Venture Competition (2015–2016)
    Founded team to build autonomous drones for medical supply delivery in Africa. Columbia Venture Competition finalist
  • Pingr | Columbia Residential Incubator (2014–2015)
    Tested location-based social network through product-market fit analysis with surveys. Developed MVP as part of selective entrepreneurship incubator
  • FFFT of Generated Functions | ELEN1201 Final Project (2014)
    Function generation using variable inductor-capacitor circuits and frequency spectrum display using a fixed fast Fourier transform
  • ANNs for Robot Navigation (2011-2012)
    Early independent project to train feedforward neural networks using genetic algorithms for collision avoidance
  • Experiments with Physically-based Animation (2007–2011)
    Developed fully-featured rigid body physics engine. Particle-based fluid dynamics, cloth simulation, shadows, raytracing, and more
  • Long-Distance Control for UAVs (2005–2007)
    Developed robotic directional antenna for communication with fixed-wing UAVs including smooth tracking algorithm
  • Real-Time Video for Robot Remote Control (2002–2004)
    Developed a wheeled robot with servo mounted camera combining a PC and microcontroller to demonstrate remote movement with real-time video


  • Google Cloud for Data Science | Columbia University (2017)
    Curriculum covering virtual machine creation, containerization, and basic devops. Lecture given with 75+ attendees at Columbia's largest data hackathon
  • Avoiding Overfitting in Finance | Columbia University (2017)
    Lecture given as part of a larger series I coordinated on modern quantitative finance. Brief talk notes covering common pitfalls in creating financial models
  • Introduction to Data Science | Columbia University (2017)
    Basic curriculum covering visualization, regression, and clustering. Two workshops with 80+ attendees given at Columbia's largest hackathon
  • Software Engineering: Writing Good Code | Columbia University (2016)
    Given as part of a larger series I coordinated on best practices in software engineering. Covers code style, static analysis, design patterns, and testing


  • C/C++ Essentials (2016)
    Short and informal review covering UNIX, IO, Networking, HTTP, C and C++ language basics, templating, standard container libraries, and much more
  • Java Interview Review (2015)
    Short and informal review covering data structures, algorithms, and general features of Java suitable for interview prep or refreshing language knowledge


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